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Netflix Users in UK and Canada Receive Upgrade Deadlines

Netflix office with mountains in the background
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  • The demise of Netflix’s lowest-priced ad-free plan continues in the UK and Canada.
  • Basic users in those markets report receiving deadlines to upgrade or accept ads.
  • Co-CEO Greg Peters said the price hikes are intended to help pay for a wider range of content.

As with even the most bingeable series, all good things must come to an end.

So it goes with the demise of Netflix’s lowest-priced ad-free plan, as users of the Basic tier in the UK and Canada report receiving deadlines to upgrade to a higher-cost option or accept ads.

A Canadian user posted a photo on Reddit Monday of their TV with the message: “Your Basic plan has been discontinued, but you can easily switch to a new one. Plans start at just $5.99 with upgraded features.”

That starting price is for the new Standard with ads tier in Canada, while the option without ads costs $16.49, replacing the Basic plan, which costs $9.99.

Previously, a user in the UK quipped, “Joke’s on you, Netflix, I choose to save 100% on my new plan,” in response to a similar message touting 35% savings with the ad-supported plan.

Netflix stopped offering its Basic plan to new and returning users last year, but the company’s US help page says existing subscribers may remain on their plan until it is changed or canceled.

The company indicated earlier this year that it would be retiring the Basic option in favor of more revenue-generating alternatives.

Co-CEO Greg Peters told the Verge last month that the price hikes are intended to help the company invest in a wider range of content options.

“They want a higher diversity of shows, they want more quality shows, so that’s our job,” he said. “If we do that well, we’ll go back and occasionally ask members to pay a little bit more to keep that flywheel running.”

Netflix is far from alone among the streaming services getting more expensive.

Ten of the top services have raised prices at least once in the past year, with the latest hike from Max taking effect Thursday.

Source: Netflix