Netflix: what movies and series leave the platform? American Pie, La Purga and more

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As with all VOD services and other similar digital content services, Netflix’s streaming platform adds new series, movies and documentaries every month. But just as they add, they also take away, and This is the content that we will no longer see on the VOD platform from this month. Some are gone and others are ready, so you still have time to see them.

Why does Netflix remove content every month

But why are Netflix series and movies being withdrawn? LThe platform obtains licenses for series and films from studios and content providers worldwide, and those licenses may expire if not renewed. According to Netflix, “We do everything possible to preserve the content you want to see, but we acquire license rights for series and films for a certain period of time, not indefinitely, so some titles are no longer available on Netflix. “

If a series or movie that you like is going to stop being available on Netflix, this means that “Our license agreement with the content provider is about to end. Every time a series or film is going to expire, we evaluate whether to renew or not using the same criteria that we apply for possible new content ”.

Series and Movies that leave Netflix

November 14

  • Oddbods: Christmas in Peril

November 15

  • My best friend’s Wedding
  • American Pie: The Reunion
  • Definitely Maybe
  • Hop
  • Hidden destination
  • The Purge: Night of the Beasts
  • The Darkest Night (Zero Dark Thirty)
  • The Route to El Dorado
  • Hidden Plan
  • American Pie: What a Wedding!
  • One Day (Always the same day)
  • Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
  • The magic Nanny
  • Doomsday: Judgment Day
  • Mr. Bean’s Vacation
  • The shadow of the kingdom
  • The perfect man
  • ¿Conoces a Joe Black?
  • The death Race
  • The Miserables
  • Beyond love
  • The immortals

17 november

  • The exception to the rule
  • Naomi and Ely’s no-kiss list


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