Netflix: Who Killed Sara? everything we know about the second season

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From the beginning Who Killed Sara? has wowed audiences in Netflix with a series full of mystery and crime that opens with the death of Sara Guzmán after an accident that brings Rodolfo Lazcano to the bars, leaving much to tell even in a second season.

These new episodes will come to Netflix sooner than many expected since they will make their debut on May 19, which confirms the success they achieved and that ensured the request for a second season.

It is also known that part of the main cast made up of recognized actors and actresses of Mexican, Spanish and Colombian soap operas, however it is expected that it will return in its entirety.

There will also be new characters that will help tell the story of intrigue played by actors Daniel Giménez Cacho, Matías Novoa and Antonio de la Vega, as confirmed by the Deadline medium.

Among the recent news that we have brought you about this successful crime series in Netflix It has been the speculation that has been generated around the actor Eugenio Siller since he apparently played his character so well in the series that audiences have wondered if he is gay in real life.

His role as José María ‘Chema’ Lazcano has an affair with Lorenzo Rossi, played by Luis Roberto Guzmán and has been so convincing that added to the fact that he is not known as a famous girlfriend or partner, it has given rise to speculation.

However, in this case it is simply that Siller is and has been very jealous of his private life, especially in this matter, however, the actor has even shared his ideal of a woman on more than one occasion as well as his desire to start a family .

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This is how you already know everything recent about the successful show of the streaming platform and the arrival of its second season. On The Truth News we will closely follow the popular series of Who Killed Sara? to bring you the latest.

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