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Netflix’s A Family Affair Initially Had a More Explicit Title

Despite receiving mixed-to-negative reviews, including a 39% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron were captivated by the project from the beginning. The original, more explicit title of the film played a significant role in their enthusiasm. “That made the script stay at the top of the pile,” Efron remarked about the original name. “It’s like, what on Earth could this be about?” For Efron, starring in a lighthearted comedy also offered a chance to take on a less intensive role. Last year, he bulked up to achieve a stellar physique for his role in “The Iron Claw.”

The “Greatest Showman” actor was particularly thrilled to work with Nicole Kidman again. They had previously shared the screen in “The Paperboy.” Efron reminisced, “I jumped. I think we both kind of did. … It was like, this is perfect. What better way to reconnect? And we get to have fun,” he said.

From Kidman’s perspective, starring in “A Family Affair” was an opportunity to address a significant issue. Kidman, who faced early career obstacles in Hollywood for an absurd reason, felt the Netflix film could challenge societal norms about age gaps between older women and younger men in films. “We’ve had it from way back with older men and younger women. That’s just always been the norm. It’s okay; it’s completely acceptable. The problem is we’ve not had the equivalent,” the “Aquaman” actress explained.

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Source: The Playlist, Rotten Tomatoes