Netflix’s Most Successful and Popular K-Drama of 2021

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For some years now, the streaming service Netflix opted to expand the production of its content in different languages ​​and one of the most successful countries is South Korea. This Asian nation is characterized by exposing its culture in various fields, such as with BTS in music, but also television series have become a real rage. What was the most popular K-drama of 2021?

Korean productions on the platform have gained ground this year, as when it came to the platform Love is like Chachachá. This program with a 9.1 / 10 rating on IMDb was part of the Top 10 audience worldwide during the month of August and the phenomenon quickly reached Latin America. But nevertheless, There is another show that gave much more to talk about and it is Love Alarm.

On March 12, the second season of the K-Drama was officially released on streaming and quickly made it into the Weekly Top 10 for being a subscriber favorite. Although some fans were dissatisfied by the new episodes, stating that they should never have existed, a survey of Spoiler with 3700 voters makes it clear that 90% want to see more.

The plot focuses on a mobile application called Joalarm, which has the particular mechanism of if a person is ten meters away and likes you, an alarm begins to sound. For the second batch of chapters we saw Jojo hesitating between his first love, Sun-oh, and your friend, Hye-yeoung, generating a love triangle that prevents him from knowing who his true correspondent is.

It is clear that most want to see a third season, but so far Netflix has never announced a renewal for more episodes or a cancellation. The truth is that it has a conclusive ending and the Chon Kye-young webtoon, on which it is based, no longer has any more material to be adapted and that is why it is believed that Love Alarm will not return with a new installment.

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