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Netflix's One Piece Makeover Is Driven by a Controversial Reason

Netflix’s One Piece Makeover Is Driven by a Controversial Reason

The “One Piece” remake is being developed with the intention of appealing to the broadest audience possible, which makes sense from a commercial standpoint. However, some fans, including X user @Matamer_, are finding it hard to accept that the original series’ format might be off-putting to modern viewers. “Have we gone off the path too far where there might be living humans who are disgusted by old 4:3 formatting in shows,” they expressed. Additionally, some long-time fans of the series are concerned that Netflix’s aim to captivate a wider demographic might compromise the elements that made “One Piece” special. As @s0ulstone1012 noted, “When I hear wider audience I get a bit worried.”

On the other hand, there are fans who think that a “One Piece” remake is a good idea — not just because of the updated technology. One fan pointed out that the original series contains hundreds of episodes, making it quite daunting for new viewers to catch up. The remake could enable newcomers to start the show from the beginning, and ideally, it will maintain the core qualities that have endeared the original series to anime enthusiasts.

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