NetherRealm focuses on its next game: there will be no more content for Mortal Kombat 11

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After two years since its launch and a multitude of additional content such as new characters, skins or even expansions of its story, NetherRealm will stop supporting Mortal Kombat 11, one of the best fighting games of the generation, now available in its Ultimate edition. This was announced on their official Twitter account, in which they specifically talk about DLC content, that is, they do not talk about updates to correct errors or balance patches.

With this, it is no longer possible to expect not only more characters or new stories, but also new costumes or skins. The reason for this decision is that the study led by Ed Boon will focus from now on his next project, which according to NetherRealm’s tradition and schedule, aims to be a third installment of Injustice.

Your new game, priority

It’s been four years since the launch of Injustice 2, having released a good handful of films of the DC factory since then. In fact, many more releases are expected two or three years from now, so a hypothetical Injustice 3 would be a perfect fit. Movies like The Suicide Squad -Brand new this August-, The Batman, Black Adam -con The Rock- o The Flash, among many others, would form a perfect context for its launch.

On the other hand, NetherRealm has delighted wrestling fans over the years, adding a huge amount of content that has been able to satisfy both fans of offline modes and those who like to beat the copper online. . Not only have they added multiple characters via Kombat Pack, from classics of the saga -Rain, Mileena- to movie celebrities, such as Robocop or Rambo, but also story expansions, something unprecedented in the genre. Indeed, last year 2020 was launched Aftermath, a DLC that expanded the Story Mode of the base game and introduced its new fighters, such as Fujin or Sheeva.

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Interestingly, Ed Boon recently published a poll on Twitter in which he asked his followers what game they would like the studio to work on after Mortal Kombat 11. The most chosen option was a remastering of Shaolin Monks, a Mortal Kombat spin-off released in 2005, and which Boon obviously discarded, but not before taking it in good humor.


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