Never Have I Ever Season 3 Netflix Release Date Revealed

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Release Date

Netflix had a teen show monopoly a few years ago. Still, it wasn’t until 2020 that it came close to perfecting the genre with “Never Have I Ever,” a hilarious and emotionally gripping comedy. The coming-of-age series stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi Vishwakumar, a first-generation Indian-American high school student growing up in Sherman Oaks, California, and was created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher.

Devi is followed throughout the first season as she tries to cope with her father’s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) tragic death while simultaneously looking for a partner.

“Never Have I Ever” will return to Netflix for its highly anticipated 10-episode second season on July 15, a little over a year after its premiere, with more family conflict and perplexing high school romances.

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Devi will be divided between two young men, the bright and studious Ben (Jaren Lewison) and the athletic and popular Paxton, as she continues to battle to find common ground with her mother (Darren Barnet).

Fans of the Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” are already itching to find out what happens next, so we’ve begun collecting information on what to anticipate from a forthcoming third season. We know about Season 3 of “Never Have I Ever.”

When will it be available on Netflix?

There was a fifteen-month break between the first and second seasons of Never Have I Ever. Season 1 premiered in April 2020, followed by Season 2 in July 2021. Season 3 of Never Have I Ever will premiere on Netflix on August 12th, 2022, with a two-month hiatus between seasons.

Filming started on November 29th, 2021, and continued until the end of the year. The cameras continued to film for a few months until February 18th, 2022.

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Kaling International shared a lot of photos on Instagram during the process. Here are some of the most memorable behind-the-scenes images from the forthcoming third season.

Season 3 cast of Never Have I Ever

If Netflix commissions another season of Never Have I Ever, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan will reprise her role as Devi Vishwakumar, a high school student. We can also expect to see more of Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young in their roles as close friends Fabiola and Eleanor, while fans will be curious to see what happens to love interests Paxton (Darren Barnet) and Ben (Jason Clarke) (Jaren Lewison).

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Richa Moorjani as Devi’s cousin Kamala and Poorna Jagannathan as her mother Nalini round out the supporting ensemble, with Emmy candidate Niecy Nash possibly returning as therapist Dr. Jamie Ryan. Former tennis player John McEnroe is expected to reprise his role as narrator.

What may the 3rd season be about?

The show’s stars and writers have all hinted at what season 3 may bring, including a deeper dive into Devi and Paxton’s budding adolescent relationship. According to co-creator Lang Fisher, the second season would focus on “sex and what do you do if you’re a geek who’s done very little and you’re dating a lot more experienced person.”

In an interview with PopSugar, Barnet also expressed interest in seeing how Devi and Paxton’s new relationship develops, even if it means more conflict than pure contentment. “Devi has a lot more to learn about Paxton, Paxton has more to learn about himself, and Devi has a lot more to learn about herself. Who knows when it will all come to fruition. You never know if they’ll fall in love, discover they’re better as friends or despise one other.”

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In an interview with ET, Fischer vowed that Devi’s family would continue to play an essential role in the show, especially following the introduction of her grandmother, Nirmala, in season 2. “She just added another depth to the mix, filling in some of the gaps left by Mohan. I’m curious about her family’s current dynamics.”

Fischer wants to watch Devi and her mother’s relationship “develop, mature, and change.” “It’d be good to have them depend on one other more,” she said.

Speaking about Devi’s mother, Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar, after dipping her toe back into the dating pool in season 2, actress Poorna Jagannathan isn’t sure whether her character would pursue romance. In season 3, he claims that Nalini is “not ready.”

Every day, I apologize! In terms of Devi, Ramakrishnan thinks that season 3 would enable her character to grow in bravery and honesty. She told ET, “I’d want to see Devi start to stand up for herself more.”

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