“Never Have I Ever” Wraps Up as Protagonists Embark on “The Journey of Their Lives”

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A Special Project for South Asian Representation

Richa Moorjani, one of the stars of the hit romantic comedy “Never Have I Ever,” knew she was part of something special from the very first day she walked onto the set. The Netflix series features multiple South Asian leads and revolves around characters who share their cultural backgrounds. Moorjani, who plays Kamala, said that every detail was carefully crafted to authentically depict South Indian and Tamilian culture.

Breaking Stereotypes

What sets “Never Have I Ever” apart is that it defies the stereotype of the nerdy, unattractive South Asian by presenting multifaceted characters who shatter these outdated notions. The series includes several generations of women in the same home, each with their own unique perspective and characterization. This abundance of diverse roles allows the show’s characters to challenge stereotypes, and presents its protagonist Devi, who is smart, ambitious, and interested in sex, as a well-rounded character.

Specificity in Representation

The series is refreshing for its specificity in depicting the Vishwakumar family and their experiences as Indian Tamil immigrants living in the United States. It highlights the nuances of their culture without being heavy-handed or overly explanatory, even including details such as the way the family removes their shoes when entering the house. This realism springs from the personal experiences of the writers and allows the series to move beyond caricatures of South Asian culture.

Universal Appeal

While “Never Have I Ever” is a specific story about South Asian Americans, its themes have universal appeal. The series addresses issues such as grief, loss, mental health, and family dynamics that can resonate with viewers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. The relatability of its characters and their stories has helped the show transcend cultural barriers and gain a broad audience.

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A Legacy of Representation

The quality and depth of the characters in “Never Have I Ever” has set a standard for the industry and opened the door for even richer storytelling. While the show may be specific to a certain culture, its legacy will live on far beyond its final season. The series has proven that a story centered around South Asian representation can be universal and relatable to audiences from all backgrounds.

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