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New AEW Collision Character Teased, 'Personally Devised' By Tony Khan

New AEW Collision Character Teased, ‘Personally Devised’ By Tony Khan

AEW has been generating buzz with the impending debut of a new character, and fresh insights have now surfaced regarding the persona and the performer behind it.

According to “PWInsider,” corroborating another recent report, the masked individual featured in recent AEW vignettes is Mexican wrestling star Aramis. This revelation adds to the anticipation as AEW CEO Tony Khan has reportedly been instrumental in crafting this new character. Khan is particularly enthusiastic about this new addition to the roster, though the exact date of the character’s debut remains under wraps. The report also indicates that the character will be portrayed as a babyface.

Aramis, known for his contributions to AAA, has also made appearances in other promotions like GCW and GALLI since his wrestling career began in 2010. The masked wrestler, signed to AEW in February, is represented by Masked Republic’s Lucha Libre Agency.

In a recent interview on the “Battleground” podcast, Khan clarified that he is not the person behind the mask. Instead, he expressed his excitement for the masked star’s impending arrival in AEW. Khan also hinted that the masked wrestler would not be Ricochet, who recently exited WWE and previously wrestled under a mask as Prince Puma. Another notable masked wrestler, Ultimo Guerrero, recently made his debut in AEW, competing against Kazuchika Okada for the Continental Championship on an episode of “AEW Collision.”

Source: PWInsider