New Amsterdam: the real relationship between Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman

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From fiction to reality? Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman maintain a fiery love affair before the cameras from the hit NBC series New Amsterdam, but the chemistry may have crossed the screen. This is how they base it the rumors that started in recent weeks as a result of his public appearances. Know their true relationship!

In the series, the doctors Max Goodwin Y Helen Sharpe They begin a romance that intensifies from the season 3. Although the hospital director had shown reluctant to relationships after the tragic loss of his wife, in the last episodes he gave his confidence to the doctor.

Ryan Eggold y Freema Agyeman en New Amsterdam (@NBCNewAmsterdam)

“We know Max and Sharpe love each other, desperately, and now we just have to see if they can have it. But they’re in it together and we just have to see if it’s going to happen.”, were the words of the showrunner David Schulner to TVLine about the plot that involved the two characters. Without a doubt, dating is among the most compelling aspects for fans.

Are Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman a couple in real life?

Therefore, The possibility of actors replicating the relationship off-screen began to go viral among fans. Especially after an Instagram post where the artists announced the end of season 3 and showed a great connection. “I can’t tell what we’re laughing atEggold expressed after laughing out loud with his partner. “Marry” Y “they are the ideal couple” was the tone of the post’s comments.

In addition, the rumors increased because both stars are single and do not have children. There is a slight difference in age because Agyeman is 42 years old, while Ryan is 36 years old.. The actor maintains a very reserved private life and lately he has not met any partners. Will your partner in fiction be the first?

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