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New Animated Star Wars Series Announced

Let’s start with the show that Star Wars fans have been wanting for years: a fully animated series in the same vein as “Bad Batch” and “Tales,” focusing on Luke Skywalker between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens.” This time gap is extensive — roughly 30 years — which offers ample opportunity to develop a multi-season series.

The potential upside is enormous. As the star of the original trilogy and arguably the franchise’s main protagonist (apologies, Anakin), Luke Skywalker could generate a massive wave of attention and excitement if he were to get his own TV show. Given Disney’s history with Luke, it’s unlikely to happen in live-action. If a recasting were intended for that timeline, it should have occurred years ago. Moreover, the CGI deepfake Muppet stand-in from the Mando-Verse just wouldn’t suffice for a leading role.

With an animated series, Lucasfilm could present Luke in his prime without those concerns. Some of the Kylo Ren comics could be adapted, depicting Ben Solo’s fall to the dark side, while introducing new stories about the New Republic, Leia’s Jedi training, and Luke’s new Order. The opportunities are boundless. A New Republic era would be perfect for a “Clone Wars”-style anthology series. Simultaneously, Disney could mend the sequel trilogy’s reputation, capturing the interest of casual fans once again.

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