New Apple event: Date and news that we could see, new Macs

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Adopting a pattern similar to what we have seen in previous years, it seems that Apple has taken a liking to having different events for its different products, and there is not only the WWDC in June and the Keynote in September, but more events spread throughout the calendar. And if last September we saw the new iPhone 13, this October it’s time to take a look at the new Macs.

Apple Event for October: Date

What started first as a rumor in various media became official yesterday: The next Apple event will take place on October 18, according to the invitations that members of the specialized press have already received. The invitation video focuses on one word: Unleashed. As seen below in a tweet from Apple Marketing Executive Greg Joswiak, it appears in a dotted font that could hint at a mini LED technology on the way.

Like everyone else, the special event is will broadcast live on the website the next Tuesday 18 at 19:00 Spanish time.

The new MacBooks

And as it usually happens, immediately the point of interest jumps in what they will present, in what we will see. According The Verge and other media, the company is expected to use its second fall event to launch two new MacBooks, a redesigned high-end Mac Mini, and possibly a pair of third-gen AirPods. And it is that for months we have been hearing rumors from ‘insiders’ that Apple is about to launch new models of 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The new MacBooks would be the latest step in Apple’s transition away from Intel chips, replacing them with a processor based on Arm called M1X which Apple designs itself. The new chip could increase performance compared to the M1 chip that debuted last year, as Mark Gurman of the Bloomberg outlet reports that the M1X has 10 CPU cores in comparison with the 8 of the M1plus 16- or 32-core graphics processors compared to 7-8 for M1-equipped machines.

Also AirPods?

Other long-awaited features include the return of MacBook fan favorite features such as MagSafe magnetic charging, an HDMI port and an SD card slot. The maligned OLED touch bar, luckily, could be on the way out. Gurman recently noted that the company’s current MacBook Pros appear to be running out of stock.

Rumors suggest that the same M1X processor will be featured in a redesigned high-end Mac Mini. The new machine will reportedly have more ports than last year’s M1 model, with two Thunderbolt / USB 4 Type-C ports and two USB Type-A ports. The changes should make the new Mac Mini much more suitable for power users.

Finally, it is possible that Apple Announces Redesigned AirPods what would they represent the third generation of the original wireless headphones of the company. The AirPods are expected to adopt a design similar to that of the AirPods Pro, with a design that could be shorter and a redesigned charging case.


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