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New Chinese Drama Episodes Releasing This Week (July 1-7, 2024)
As Beautiful As You, Enforcement Department, The Princess Royal (Photo Credit: Tencent Video and Youku)

This week (July 1–July 7, 2024) promises to be thrilling for Chinese drama enthusiasts. The highly anticipated drama As Beautiful As You is set to premiere, while popular ongoing shows such as The Princess Royal, Follow Your Heart, The Legend of Heroes, and more will continue to release new episodes. These dramas cover a wide range of genres including fantasy, romance, Wuxia, and legal drama, offering viewers a rich tapestry of storytelling.

The modern workplace drama As Beautiful As You will premiere on July 2, 2024. Starring Xu Kai, Tan Songyun, He Ruixian, and Gao Han, it tells the story of Ji Xing (Tan Songyun), who quits her job to pursue entrepreneurship. Faced with numerous challenges, she finds an investor and benefactor in Han Ting (Xu Kai), a tech company president. As they collaborate, their relationship deepens, and they begin to fall for each other. The drama’s ending theme song, sung by Tan Songyun, has already been released. Viewers can stream As Beautiful As You on Tencent Video, We TV, and iQIYI throughout the week.

The ongoing costume drama The Princess Royal will release a total of 12 episodes this week. It revolves around Li Rong (Zhao Jinmai) and Pei Wen Xuan (Zhang Linghe), who marry young for ulterior motives. As conspiracies tear them apart and their relationship sours, they end up dying due to each other’s schemes. However, a miracle turns back time, and they wake up on their wedding day, giving them a second chance. The Princess Royal is available for streaming on Youku and Viki.

This week, Follow Your Heart will release a total of 14 episodes. The costume drama features Song Yi and Luo Yunxi in lead roles. It narrates the story of a proud duke with face blindness and a clever doctor who disguises herself to hide her identity. Together, they fight evil and uphold justice. Follow Your Heart is available to stream on iQIYI.

Link Click continues this week with episodes 15 to 20. Adapted from a popular Donghua, it follows Cheng Xiaoshi (Jiang Long) and Lu Guang (Bi Wenjun), who possess a supernatural ability to travel back in time through photos. They run a small photo studio with Qiao Ling (Bu Guanjin) to help people find closure or the truth. Link Click is available on Bilibili on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

The Legend of Heroes, an ongoing Wuxia drama, will release eight new episodes this week. Adapted from Jin Yong’s famed novel series, The Condor Trilogy, it weaves together various tales of martial arts practitioners considered legends or heroes. Viewers can stream The Legend of Heroes on Tencent Video, We TV, Viki, and TVING throughout the week.

Additionally, The Rise of Wanshan will premiere on July 2, 2024, and My Sassy Girl will conclude its run on July 4, 2024. Other ongoing dramas including Enforcement Department, Lost Identity, Treasures Around, and Limited 72 Hours of Love will continue their weekly episodes.

Source: Tencent Video, Youku, iQIYI, Bilibili, Viki, TVING