New free game on Nintendo Switch: Trove, a Minecraft-style action RPG

By: Will Wood

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New free game on Nintendo Switch: Trove, a Minecraft-style action RPG

Find, the Action RPG and free MMO from the Trion Worlds study originally published in 2015, is now fully available free on Nintendo Switch as free-to-play (free with integrated purchases, not essential to play). After receiving very high ratings and adding thousands of reviews very positive On Steam, the title lands on the eShop of the hybrid console with a weight of 1,35 GB.

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Trove, a cross between Minecraft and Diablo, available for free on Nintendo Switch

According to the description of the title, the game offers an adventure with an aesthetic that is powerfully reminiscent of Minecraft through the use of cubes and square pieces. An MMO where creativity and exploration go hand in hand with unbridled action. “Venture into procedurally generated worlds with your friends, venture into dungeons for epic loot, and then return to your home world to build your own monument to creativity and power,” we can see.

  • You can download Trove for free for Nintendo Switch here.

The multiplayer mode is included and, according to the description of the game in the eShop, it does not require a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to play, like the rest of the court titles free-to-play from the console.

Trove invites us to enter the chasms of the environments with other adventurers in huge dungeons that always change as they are procedurally designed. They are waiting for us traps, bosses, lairs Y big booties, with which we can improve our armor or make better weapons than we already have.

To that we have to add special equipment, outfits, decorations, recipes, crafting ingredients, flying carpets, ships and dragons of great renown.

Finally, Trove seeks to stand out for its construction doses. A block video game that invites us to create plots, mobile homes that we can place in different places on the map as well as other utensils that we can make for our house. If we stick to what the study explains, the game offers us musical blocks, miaunturas, fishing activities, farming Y cattle raising, pets, ships, wings to fly, magvagones, funky pets, heroes Y villains, allies, bottles, bombs, piñatas and more.