New free games on the Epic Games Store: Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, Never Alone and more

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The Epic Games Store continues to support their promotion of free games. This week the offer consists of a total of three experiences as diverse as they are of quality. The chosen ones are Guild of Dungeoneering, Kid A Mnesia Exhibition and Never Alone. All three will be available to exchange until December 2 at 17:00 (CET).

Once you complete the exchange, they will remain linked to your digital library forever. We must remind you that it is the full version of each one, that is, you will not find restriction of any type of content.

Among the names stands out Kid A Mnesia Exhibition, the playable tribute dedicated to the Radiohead album. “It is a feverish dreamlike space, a building constructed with the art, creatures, words and recordings of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac, discovered after about 20 years, traced back and endowed with a new mutant life”, they reveal in their description. . “The twisted and harrowing graphic and written work of Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke, created to accompany the music of Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac, has been discovered and brought to life in a hidden building in a forest made in pencil, stretching the idea of ​​what an exhibition is to its breaking point … or to something totally different ”.

How to download for free on PC

  1. To download you need an account on the Epic Games Store.

  2. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free here.

  3. Fill in the different fields (name, surname, username, email address and password) and choose if you want to receive commercial information.

  4. Accept the terms of service and follow the steps to activate the account.

  5. Activate the two-step verification process.

  6. Once you have access, enter the link above in this news and redeem your copy.

  7. If you don’t have the PC client, download it at this link.

  8. You will now have access to your library of games.

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