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New Hampshire Artist Crafts Amazing Caricatures at Hampton Beach

New Hampshire Artist on Hampton Beach

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, be sure to visit 169 Ocean Boulevard and get your portrait done by Paul Gaunt. Some might call them caricatures, but these creations are far too fabulous and fun for such a simple term.

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According to the official Hampton Beach Facebook page, Paul had been battling an illness for the past couple of years, but now he’s back in action.

This is yet another reason why Hampton Beach is so wonderful.

I love the diverse crowd you see while walking down the street. From my experience, you encounter young and old families from New Hampshire and even from places like Massachusetts.

You’ll also spot the local regulars who seem to have spent their entire lives on the beach. I often think of one guy who usually dons a white tank top and boasts a world-class tan. His hair, white and wild, hasn’t seen a barber since 1997. Perhaps he’s from Cinnamon Rainbows?

There are also older folks appreciating everything from the tranquil ocean waves to the curious beachwear of passersby.

My friends and I used to play a game where we’d count the number of skull tattoos we saw. It was like an adult version of “I spy.” Nowadays, with so many people sporting so much ink, it would be a real challenge.

Paul is undoubtedly one of those Hampton Beach fixtures. We’re thrilled that he’s feeling better and back doing what he loves on the beach!

Do you have a portrait from Paul?

Source: News Break