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New Hampshire Artist Crafts Stunning Caricatures on Hampton Beach

New Hampshire Artist on Hampton Beach

Whether you are a resident or visitor to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, you have to find time to visit 169 Ocean Boulevard and get your portrait done by Paul Gaunt. Some say they’re caricatures, but these are so fabulous and fun that I don’t think the word does his work justice.

According to the “official” Hampton Beach Facebook page, Paul had been sick and fighting some sort of illness for the past couple of years, and now he’s back.

This is just another reason why Hampton Beach is so awesome.

I love the variety of people you see when walking down the street. From my experience (and that’s been my whole life), you see young and old families from here in New Hampshire, and from far away like Massachusetts (lol!).

You’ll also see those local people who you just KNOW have been living on the beach their whole lives. I am thinking of this one dude that usually wears a white tank top and has a world-class tan. Atop his head is a mane of white that hasn’t seen the inside of a barbershop since 1997. Maybe I’m thinking of the dude from Cinnamon Rainbows?

You also see older people who are just taking in all the sights, from the serenity of the ocean waves to the lack of clothing that some people are wearing.

My friends and I used to count the number of skull tattoos we spotted. Kind of like an adult version of “I spy”. You probably couldn’t do that today. Not because there’s necessarily anything wrong with it, but because there are so many more people with so much more ink.

Paul is one of those Hampton Beach fixtures. We are so happy that he is feeling better and is back on the beach!

Do you have a portrait from Paul?

Source: Hampton Beach Facebook page