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New Hip-Hop Projects: 42 Dugg, Ken Carson, Bizarre, and More

After the Independence Day celebrations, the weekend still offers an impressive array of musical firepower. This week, a Detroit rapper drops his long-awaited debut album, an Atlanta rhymer returns with more chaos, and another Detroit rapper teams up with a notable producer to unleash a third installment in their series.

42 Dugg has finally delivered his debut solo album, 4Eva Us Neva Them. This release comes after a significant hiatus following his 18-month prison sentence stemming from a 2020 federal gun probe arrest. Now, focused and determined, 42 Dugg’s 21-song collection is star-studded, featuring guest appearances by EST Gee, Sexyy Red, Lil Baby, Meek Mill, Rylo Rodriguez, Jeezy, Blac Youngsta, and more.

Two singles have already been dropped from the album. In May, Dugg released the anthemic track “Win Wit Us,” and just last week, he shared “N.P.O.” featuring Sexyy Red. The latter has an accompanying music video that shows Dugg and Red in Miami, enjoying jet skis, luxury cars, and lively dance scenes. It’s great to see 42 Dugg back in action.

Then we have Ken Carson, who has returned with the deluxe version of his 2023 project, A Great Chaos. As an artist signed to Playboi Carti’s Opium label, Ken Carson’s Deluxe album includes seven additional tracks to the original 18. Although the release was without much fanfare, a recent Instagram post by Carson indicates he’s enjoying life right now.

Former D12 member Bizarre is making noise again by teaming up with producer Foul Mouth for their third installment in the series, HHG 3: Art Peace. Known for his provocative and often downright offensive lyrics, Bizarre doesn’t hold back. For instance, in “How Am I Getting Home?” he describes a wild night drunkenly stumbling through the streets. In “Insane Asylum,” he raps about smoking crack and picking up ladies, maintaining his notorious raw style.

Foul Mouth, on the other hand, matches Bizarre’s energy with head-nodding, jazzy boom-bap beats that seamlessly fit the rapper’s unique flow. If you’re a fan of D12 or Eminem, HHG 3: Art Peace is worth a listen.

There are also several new projects out this week worth checking out. Artists like P-Lo and Kool John, YTB Fatt, and more have dropped fresh music. For those looking to expand their playlists, here is a list of albums released recently:

  • 4Eva Us Neva Them

    by 42 Dugg

  • A Great Chaos (Deluxe)

    by Ken Carson

  • HHG 3: Art Peace

    by Bizarre and Foul Mouth

  • On Zai

    by YTB Fatt

  • Moovie! 2: The Yeequel

    by P-Lo and Kool John

  • Guns and Butter

    by Big Sad 1900 and Baby Stone Gorillas

With so many intriguing projects to check out, your weekend playlist is set. Enjoy the musical fireworks!

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