New iX Developer special issue “Besserer Code” available as PDF

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In IT you are often well advised to follow the motto “never touch a running system”. But for modern software development, which is characterized by agile methods, linked microservices and continuous provision, the consistent expansion and improvement of the code must be a central concern. Only in this way can the expectations of the users of the software be satisfied again and again.

In the new iX Developer special issue “Besserer Code”, developers will find a curated selection of updated magazine and online articles that provide a comprehensive overview and provide various suggestions as to which tools, methods and best practices point the way to better code . Tutorials teach, among other things, how C ++ 20 code can be made more readable using the clean code principles and what advantages Rust has over other programming languages.

Artificial intelligence (AI) supports quality assurance in a variety of ways – from writing the code to its automated analysis. Tests, market overviews and comparisons of tools for continuous testing – along all process steps, from source code to application in production: the special issue provides valuable suggestions that can simplify day-to-day programming.

iX-Developer-Sonderheft "Besserer Code"

The way to better code: On 156 pages, the special issue gives a comprehensive overview

Concrete examples from practice also show how GitOps wants to usher in a new era of automated IT operations as a paradigm. From the Infrastructure as Code to the complete life cycle of an application, more automation should not only help avoid typical errors, but also contribute to a higher quality of the software developed overall.

The digital PDF edition of the special issue is now available at a price of 12.99 euros available in the heise shop. The printed edition can be pre-ordered in the heise shop for 14.90 euros – postage free until September 9th – and available from well-stocked magazine stores from September 2nd. The bundle of PDF and printed edition costs 19.90 euros.

In the heise shop it is Also in combination with the book “The pragmatic programmer” from Hanser-Verlag is available postage-free at a reduced price of 54.89 euros (instead of the regular 67.88 euros).


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