New method in WhatsApp to quickly join a group video call

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Most of the time, the secret to the success of an application is not so much that every month it is filled with important news, but that it makes life easier for its millions of users with the functions they already use every day. And that is what WhatsApp has done with one of its latest news. One that a priori is not exactly a candidate for the novelty of the year, but many people are going to appreciate having it.

Group video calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp implemented last Julyor the option to join a group video call already started, with the only condition that it remains ongoing. The intention of the company was to make these types of calls be “spontaneous and simple as an in-person conversation“.

This function was implemented within the Calls tab of the main WhatsApp page, along with an addition to the interface in the form of a screen with information about who is already on the call and who was invited to participate, but has not joined yet.

The problem? That to join a group video call in progress you had to open WhatsApp, enter the calls tab and hit. But since yesterday, the application facilitates that step by making You can join that group video call already started directly from that group’s chat.

Join from group chat

Now the Notification will show the name of the group instead of the participants, and only those who are part of that chat will be able to join. The video call in progress will be shown in the chats tab, with the video camera icon in the group image, so that the user can see it as soon as they open the application.

A simple addition as we see, but that certainly saves us a step and makes joining a video call a little easier.


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