New Movies and TV Series You Can’t Miss This Summer

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This summer many cinemas are about to resume their ordinary activity and wait for a lot of visitors to watch brand new films. For the home people, streaming services are also preparing TV series that can captivate our attention for a long time. Some films just got their logical continuation, but some others are the stories we have never seen before. Summer is a season for not only parties and road trips, but also the time when a lot of youngsters call their friends, buy some snacks (especially popcorn), and choose the option: TV series or movies. Quite a dilemma, right? Nevertheless, you can watch everything because it’s a holiday! You are not limited to endless paperwork and you could do whatever you want! Why don’t you just use your laptop and free time not for boring tasks, but for relaxing and forgetting about all daily routines? Find the films you must not miss in summer 2021 to remain a cinematography geek.


Disney's Cruella | Sneak Peek - YouTube

It is considered to be one of the most anticipated movies not only in summer but also in the whole year. If you saw the cartoon 101 Dalmatians, you may know the main antagonist of this pic – a scary old woman named Cruella de Vil for her harsh deeds. In this new prequel movie, Cruella is played by charming Emma Stones, and she really got into her character very well! The story about the woman who was amused by fashion but affected by the death of her mother because of the black-dotted dogs is promised to be prolonged up to the second part. Nevertheless, it is fair enough that we mentioned this movie as the first in our cool compilation. A note of nostalgia and usage of musical scenes would definitely attract your attention even if you haven’t seen this old cartoon about fancy dogs!

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Black Widow

Black Widow | Disney Movies

We are absolutely sure that some of our readers are huge fans of the Marvel Universe! They have seen all the movies about our favorite superheroes, like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and so on. And they definitely know what phases mean! In a nutshell, Marvel movies are split into so-called phases – a range of movies that demonstrate the development of the Avengers (a compiled definition for all Marvel superheroes). There are already three complete phases, and now the fourth one begins with a movie about a beautiful Russia-originated character with fascinating martial skills – Black Widow. Unfortunately, she died in the Avengers: Endgame, and this pic is something like a prequel and spinoff in one face. Nonetheless, it is also worth our attention to know more about the character cast by beautiful Scarlett Johannson. So, don’t lose an opportunity to enhance your Marvel lore and begin the fourth phase of waiting for other films!

A Quiet Place: Part II

A Quiet Place Part II (2021) - Final Trailer - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

Have you seen the first part? It was so creepy and spooky that people claimed it to be the best modern horror movie. Its feature is that the main antagonists are monsters that can only hear the sounds. That’s how they search for their prey. The second part continues the story of the main characters – the Abbot family, which lost their father at the end of the first part, and now struggles to find a new safe and quiet place to live a peaceful life breached by “that day”. Besides, they meet other people and families and try to protect themselves from scary creatures. The film is not full of noisy moments, but at the same time it has terrifying jump scares that can in case of boresome wake you up immediately. Moreover, the characters are communicating with gesture language to raise the guarantee of keeping themselves safe and sound.

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Lisey’s Story

Lisey's Story | Apple TV+

Fans of Stephen King’s book would definitely know what we are talking about. If you haven’t read this story yet and you use Apple TV, here’s a brief plot for you. The miniseries follows a woman named Lisey Landon, who lost her husband – a famous writer. In addition, he left a lot of his writings, but something secret they contain. That’s why she along with her elder sister Amanda strives to solve various life riddles and find their causes. It may be rather confusing for the people not acquainted with King’s works. However, if you are up to detectives and mysteries, you would definitely like it!

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