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New Music Releases This Week - July 1, 2024

New Music Releases This Week – July 1, 2024

If you are craving new music, we’ve put together a list of established artists you might recognize and fresh talent you may want to explore.

Logan Mize radiates optimism with his song "The World Just Keeps Getting Better," co-written with Daniel Agee and Jason Nix. The track draws attention to the simple joys in life amidst the chaos of social media and sensational news. You can listen to it here.

Ray LaMontagne, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, has unveiled a new single titled "Long Way Home." This track is the second release from his upcoming studio album, which shares the same name and is set to drop on August 16. Released via his new independent label, Liula Records, you can listen to his latest work here.

Nashville’s own platinum recording artist, Ron Pope, recently released a new single, "Nobody’s Gonna Make It Out Alive." The song, which harkens back to traditional fiddle tunes, captures the essence of his early musical days. This nostalgic track released via Brooklyn Basement Records can be heard here.

Steve Earle has introduced "Copperhead Road" (Acoustic) [Live], a track from his forthcoming live album, "Alone Again (Live)," set to release on July 12, 2024. For those eager to experience Earle’s acoustic magic, listen to the track here. Earle will also be performing at the Opry on July 3rd.

Kelsea Ballerini has teamed up with Noah Kahan for the heartfelt song "Cowboys Cry Too (with Noah Kahan)." This track delves into themes of vulnerability, particularly addressing toxic masculinity and societal pressures to hide emotions. Ballerini and Kahan’s collaboration adds depth to the song’s message. You can listen to their duet here.

Miranda Lambert’s latest release, "Dammit Randy," is a powerful anthem about reclaiming independence. Inspired by a conversation with Jon Randall about feeling supported, the song speaks to those who find themselves needing to move on from unsupportive situations. Take a listen to Lambert’s fierce new track here.

Lastly, Jordana Bryant is celebrating her civic duty with a new single, "Taylor For President." Inspired by Taylor Swift’s songwriting, Bryant hopes to connect with people and spread positivity through her music. Now 18, Bryant is set to vote for the first time this November and uses her latest release to encourage others to participate in the democratic process. You can listen to her inspiring song here.

Source: Wilson County Source