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New Netflix Docuseries Highlights NFL Receivers Like Never Before

New Netflix Docuseries Highlights NFL Receivers Like Never Before

In 2023, Netflix teamed up with the NFL for the first time to delve into the lives of the league’s biggest stars in the documentary series Quarterback. Although we’re still uncertain about a second season, Netflix has launched another partnership with the NFL this week.

The new sports docuseries Receiver shifts the focus away from quarterbacks to wide receivers and tight ends — “the quarterback’s best friend,” as Peyton Manning puts it. Similar to its predecessor, Receiver tracks the lives of five top NFL pass catchers on and off the field throughout the 2023 NFL season. This year, Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, George Kittle, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Deebo Samuel take the spotlight, with microphones capturing every moment of their games, giving us an all-access look into the highs and lows of professional football.

The selection of players is particularly compelling because their teams experienced drastically different seasons. George Kittle and Deebo Samuel from the 49ers reached the Super Bowl by conquering Amon-Ra St. Brown’s Lions in the NFC Championship Game. On the other hand, Justin Jefferson’s Vikings and Davante Adams’ Raiders didn’t make it to the playoffs.

“We had a lot of success and won some games, but I never truly got everything I needed out of Green Bay,” Adams says in the third episode, reflecting on his eight years with the Packers. “I got plenty that I wanted, but I’m still in search of a championship.” After losing to the Colts on New Year’s Eve, he realized that the hunt for a championship would have to continue into the next season.

Conversely, the San Francisco 49ers had an impressive season, with tight end George Kittle earning first-team All-Pro honors. Witnessing their journey to the Super Bowl, only to fall to the Chiefs like in 2019, was a mix of triumph and heartbreak for fans. Now everyone can relive those moments through the players’ perspectives.

You can now watch all eight episodes of Receiver on Netflix.

Source: BGR