New on TikTok: you can now upload videos in 1080p

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TikTo remains imposing at a time when it dominates the social media market. There are many that have already given way to an application model similar to the one that it offers, but it seems that the Chinese app will continue to progress and give new functions to its users. And finally comes a feature that many will like, and that they will surely appreciate, as it is that TikTok already lets you upload videos in 1080p.

FullHD finally comes to TikTok

The TikTok format is simply vertical, perfect to handle it in the natural position of the device. This is important for both recording, editing and of course watching the videos that you have on the page for yourself. But in these times it seems unbelievable the low quality that the videos on the platform seem to have, something that seems to be fixed very soon.

And it is that in the blog of the company itself we have seen great news that have come to the app and that will be available very soon. Perhaps the most important has to do with the visual improvements that it implements since TikTok will let you upload videos in high definition. This will greatly facilitate the viewing of the videos since with a good quality it is very appreciated to see them.

On the other hand, this can affect uploads, since it is not the same to load a video in lower resolutions than in a higher one. The company itself, and some content creators, have already explained how it is done and everything is as simple as following the following steps:

  • Record or upload the video in question
  • Go to the post page on the Post page
  • Tap on “More options”
  • Activate the “Upload HD” setting

As we told you at the beginning, supports both 720p and 1080p, so you are assured of a good viewing quality.

More new options coming to TikTok

The Chinese company has not been left behind in offering more news to improve its application. A new automatic video enhancement feature will come to the application in which you will only have to touch a button to adjust the image and other parameters automatically. Another new feature is to add gifs to those videos in which you have recorded the image with the green screen mode, which will give another distinctive touch to those videos that you upload to the application.


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