New order from China to the US: “Pelosi has become the enemy”

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The PLA (People’s Liberation Army) military exercises around the island of Taiwan were supposed to end at noon on Sunday, but they have been extended. It is a check against the joint warning of the US, Japan and Australia. For the Chinese, regarding the Taiwan question, these 3 countries are paper tiger, paper dog and paper cat in that order.

With these words, Xu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the state newspaper Global Times, has described the situation at the moment in China, which has counterattacked the warnings of the United States for the military exercises that have kept Taiwan in check for days.

And so it is. Beijing has canceled negotiations with the United States and ignores criticism from the US side, which calls the Asian giant’s response “irresponsible”.

The Chinese Defense Ministry said in a statement on Monday that the country had called off talks with the United States because Washington had sparked tensions across the Taiwan Strait.

“The United States is creating a crisis, but on the other hand it is also saying that it wants to manage the crisis. You are also finding excuses to cover up your wrongdoing and pass the blame on to others. We firmly oppose it,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement, echoed by the South China Morning Post . “China’s countermeasures are a necessary warning against the provocation of the United States and Taiwan, and the legitimate defense of national sovereignty and security is completely reasonable and appropriate,” the Defense Ministry added.

“The United States is deliberately undermining peace across the Taiwan Strait. He is using a tactic of creating a problem first, and then using it to achieve his own strategic end,” Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, said during his visit to Bangladesh on Sunday. “There are signs that the United States is trying to repeat its old tricks in planning for Pelosi’s visit and is seizing the opportunity to increase its military deployment in the region, which deserves the utmost vigilance and steadfast resistance from all parties.” ”, Wang warned.

Wang again warned about the trip to Taiwan of the president of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi: “He joined the separatist forces, becoming the enemy of the Chinese people,” Wang stressed.

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