New photos of Tom Holland and Zendaya on a date confirm the romance: will they announce it?

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Social networks exploded on Friday when the images that fans had been waiting for arrived: Tom Holland and Zendaya kissing. The novelty was greatly received by their followers, as they are considered among the most beloved artists in Hollywood today. In addition to what we saw a few days ago, new photos appeared that once again confirm the romance.

The performers met in 2016 on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, when they were chosen by Kevin Feige, president of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to play Peter Parker and MJ. From there they formalized a friendship that more than once was mistaken for an affair, like the one they have been with at this time, since they were seen together for a long time.

“I’m not a relationship man, I’m not the fleeting type at all”Tom had declared at the time, trying to dispel any comment. That is why It is believed that they have been together for a long time without our knowing it, and a clue that brings us closer to that certainty was Zendaya’s affectionate message to him on his birthday. Finally, the cameras of Page Six They were at the right time and they took the exclusive.

Thats not all. After they were seen kissing in a car, the two headed out on a date at a Thai location., near Universal Studios, just outside of downtown Los Angeles. This time it was the middle TMZ who got the new records and Eyewitnesses assure that they arrived separately at the site, each with their anti Covid-19 masks, in order to maintain a low profile. Look at the photos!

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In this way, they both complied with the tradition of Spider-Man, as happened with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for having an affair with their partners in fiction. At the moment neither Tom Holland ni zendaya have made reference to their romance, but with “No Way Home” approaching theaters on December 17, they must appear publicly to promote the film and will surely be consulted by the courtship.


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