New Pokémon Snap – Update 2.0.0 Now Available: New Areas and Patch Notes

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New Pokémon Snap has received the update 2.0.0 on Nintendo Switch. Following the launch of the title last April, ecological research in the region of LENS continue with this Free patch that brings even more content to the game. Specific, new areas which we will detail below, a score of Pokémon Y quality of life details that will satisfy the whole community. Let’s take a look.

Three New Areas Coming to Lensis in New Pokémon Snap

  • Secret Side Path: The Neo-One shrinks into a tiny vehicle. We will visit a natural park of the Light, Mich zone, so all the Pokémon we see will be giants.
  • Mightywide River: A long river that flows in a steep valley on Bellus Island. We will have to investigate the river non-stop, with rapids lurking in some areas, as in the original Nintendo 64 video game.
  • Barren Badlands: we return to Voluc Island, where the Laviscoso Volcano was located, to travel through a desert where dry winds blow. We will find poisonous geysers and swamps that spew gases.

Other news coming to New Pokémon Snap

After the more than 200 initial species that New Pokémon Snap brought in at its launch last April, this free update incorporates 20 new Pokémon, new researcher titles, images for our avatar, filters for editing photos, stickers and frames.

From now on, when retrying a level after having completed it, we can select the level of the area (1, 2 or 3) more easily. It will also be possible to skip the part where the Teacher evaluates our photographs when leaving an area and we can save the photos directly to Nintendo Switch.

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Finally, something that will make many happy: we will have a notification when a photo has completed a mission. In the past we had to see it manually in the corresponding section.

The Lensis Adventure Continues – Even More Content in a Huge Game

We remember that to update a Nintendo Switch game it is enough to have an Internet connection, have free space in our internal storage and click on the game icon with the (+) button; immediately afterwards, click on Update so that the console can download and install the contents. Generally, these updates are notified automatically. If not, that’s the way to do it.

New Pokémon Snap is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can read here our analysis. We also invite you to consult our guide to find out how to find the location of some of the most elusive legendary Pokémon.

Source | Nintendo of Europe; Nintendo of America


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