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New R&B Artists: Nia Smith, Ballad, Durand Bernarr & More for De-Stressing

July has arrived, and with it, a fresh batch of R&B gems. The genre continues to thrive, showcasing the creative prowess of both emerging and established artists.

Ballad and Durand Bernarr have finally joined forces, addressing the speculations about the men of R&B. Kenyon Dixon shares a new single before hitting the road with his tour “The R&B You Love.” Nia Smith’s focus on self-betterment shines through her latest release. Teedra Moses turns sentimental, Natanya showcases her production talent, and rising star AVERY experiments with genre-blending sounds. R&B veterans Coko, K-Ci, and LaTocha Scott remind us of the roots of real R&B.

Let’s delve into these new musical offerings. Here are some of the standout R&B tracks this week.

Ballad, Durand Bernarr – “Alone Again”

Ballad introduced his long-awaited duet with Durand Bernarr, noting how well their voices blend on this heartfelt ballad. “The secret is out. Yes, I put crack in this song,” Ballad joked on social media, emphasizing the power of the track during lonely, late nights.

Nia Smith – “Personal”

Nia Smith’s “Personal” is a reflection on shedding negative energy and prioritizing oneself. The track, produced by Jimmy Napes and Ed Thomas, features a captivating melody that invites listeners to sway along and lose themselves in thought. Smith expressed that the track is just the beginning of her journey.

Kenyon Dixon – “Far Away”

Kenyon Dixon announced the start of summer with his new single “Far Away.” The track is an upbeat love song about escaping life’s routine with a loved one. “Baby, just take me away,” he sings, inviting listeners to groove all day. This track is perfect for summer R&B parties.


Teedra Moses, known for her classic hit “Be Your Girl,” returns with a new emotional ballad. “WITH ALL MY HEART (ACOUSTIC)” captures the anguish of love’s regrets, making it a powerful anthem for the heartbroken.

Natanya – “boombox”

London-based singer-songwriter Natanya presents her futuristic sound in “boombox.” The self-produced track features a pulsating beat and tells the story of a crush ignoring her advances. Curiously, the song’s title doesn’t appear in the lyrics, reminiscent of Ginuwine’s “Differences.”


Indie artist AVERY from Toronto blends Afro-Caribbean, R&B, and jazz influences in her latest single “US.” The introspective track explores past relationships and the concept of unconditional love, marking the fourth single from her upcoming EP.

E Will, Coko, K-Ci Hailey – “Crazy For Your Love”

SWV’s Coko, Jodeci’s K-Ci, and producer Eric “E Will” Williams collaborate on the duet “Crazy For Your Love.” The song, born from the Summer Block Party tour, blends timeless talent and resonates with fans young and old through its portrayal of love’s intensity.

LaTocha – “Love Yourself (Extended)”

LaTocha celebrates self-love in her extended single “Love Yourself,” from her debut solo album. The song encourages listeners to embrace self-worth even in tough times. Speaking about the album, LaTocha shared that it allowed her to be vulnerably expressive, providing her with therapeutic relief.

Source: Particle News