New rumors point to Keanu Reeves to become the new Wolverine of the MCU

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New rumors point to Keanu Reeves to become the new Wolverine of the MCU

Keanu Reeves has become one of the most beloved actors of the last few years. And because of that, it is not surprising that it has always been rumored with the possibility that I ended up taking the leap al UCM hand in hand with Marvel.

Today, not only do more reports arrive that speak precisely about that, but there is also talk about the possibility that I ended up replacing Hugh Jackman for the role of Wolverine when the X-Men arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, the same rumors claim that I’d already be discussing various roles for the DC DCEU. Will one of them be a role for the sequel to Constantine?

As reported Movieweb, Keanu Reeves is one of those few actors who could become located in the two cinematic universes rivals. And they comment that, according to the new rumors, Keanu Reeves I’d already have multiple roles in DC movies.

In addition, all these rumors come at a time when the actor already He has commented that his favorite superhero is Wolverine from the X-Men. In any case, the reports assure that the last word on that could be the DC itself, since I would have already hired him for at least one movie.

We know that Keanu will lend his voice for DC’s Legion of Super-Pets, but the reports make it clear that the movie that he has sponsored has nothing to do with it. And although there is no clue as to what it could really be, there is speculation on the possibility of it being a sequel to Constantine. Especially now that its 15th anniversary has been celebrated.

Finally, and returning to the topic of Keanu’s possible arrival at the MCU, it must be remembered that Feige himself has admitted that talks about his future projects with the actor. Information that published in his day Giantfreakinrobot.

And you? Which Marvel or DC character would you like Keanu Reeves to play? We read you carefully.

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