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New Starfield trailer introduces the game’s factions to players

Starfield’s new trailer has revealed some of the main cast characters we’ll interact with on our journey through the universe created by Bethesda, including two factions embroiled in a bloody war.

Fragment revealed not only information about the Starfield universe and its main factions, but also the game’s concept arts. You can check out these concept arts in the tweet below.

In Starfield, your character will be a new member of Constellation, a group that aims to uncover the mysteries of the galaxy. The space area you will explore in the game is known as “The Settled System” and it starts with our own solar system and expands towards the Milky Way by about 50 light years.

Starfield’s main story takes place in 2330, but a key part of the story seems to be the great Colonial War 20 years ago between the game’s two key factions, the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. The major factions seem to be in an uneasy peace at the moment, but it seems that your interference in their affairs could shake the loose foundations of that peace.

There are also different factions in the trailer. These factions are split into three as the Ecliptic Mercenaries, the Crimson Fleet pirates, and a religious cult known as the House Var’ruun.

Matt Purslow is editor at MRT.

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