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New Title Announced for Brad Pitt Movie

As it races toward its Summer 2025 release, we’re learning more about Warner Bros. and Apple Films’ Brad Pitt vehicle about Formula 1.

That includes the title of the film about F1, which will be called… well… F1 .

First announced in late-2021, the project is currently in the midst of filming , which will continue at this weekend’s British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit. Joining the 60-year-old Pitt — who will play the fictitious driver, Sonny Hayes — are Kerry Condon, Javier Bardem, Damson Idris and Tobias Menzies, while Jerry Bruckheimer, F1 star Lewis Hamilton and Pitt each serve as producers on the project.

A synopsis for the film , which is directed by Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski, describes the plot as follows:

Sonny Hayes, a Formula One driver who raced in the 1990s, has a horrible crash, forcing him to retire from Formula One and start racing in other disciplines. A Formula One team owner and friend contacts Hayes and asks him to come out of retirement to mentor rookie prodigy Joshua Pearce on the Apex Grand Prix team.

Unsurprisingly, many were quick to make light of the simplistic nature of the film’s title after it was announced on Friday. It’s hard to imagine a movie about football being called “football” — although it’s worth noting that Will Ferrell is currently attached to a scripted Netflix comedy series titled “GOLF.”

As for the film itself, F1 is the latest project looking to capitalize on the motorsport’s recent rise in popularity in the United States and continued growth globally (which could be one of the primary reasons for the film’s straightforward title). Following the release of the film’s title and poster on Friday, we’ll get our first true look at the project on Sunday when its first teaser trailer is released during the British Grand Prix.

F1 is scheduled to be released globally on June 25, 2025, with its North American release coming two days later.

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