New trailer for Doctor Who season 13 reveals a new character

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Chris Chibnall, Doctor Who’s showrunner; Jodie Whittaker shared new details about the series with Mandip Gill and John Bishop at Comic-Con at Home. These include the trailer of the series, a new character and visuals.

In the new trailer for the 13th season of the show, Jodi Whittaker stars as the 13th Doctor. Also, Mandip Gill returns as Yasmin Khan (Summer for short), while John Bishop joins the series as Dan. The characters are shown in new locations, and we understand that season 13 will also take place in these locations shown in the trailer.

You can watch the trailer here:

The trailer also features Jacob Anderson, the newest member of the cast. Anderson played the Gray Worm in Game of Thrones. He will appear as Anderson Vinder in Doctor Who. Chibnall said of Vinder, “You support him involuntarily, and then he breaks your heart. He can do anything.”

Chibnall also stated that season 13 will be different from previous seasons because it will focus on a single story:

“It’s like every episode is part of the bigger story. It’s the most ambitious thing we’ve done since we started the show.”

The showrunner also said that familiar monsters will return.

The season’s release date is unknown, but it looks like it will air in 2021.

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