New trailer for the Matrix Resurrections warns of “change”

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Deja vu! Something we already saw. A feeling of repetition that invades the body. On Matrix, means an error in the system. It seems that the new entry in the most celebrated science fiction franchise will have many changes in this new version. At least that is clear from the new trailer that reached the Internet and in which we see Neo y Trinity back in action. But … Is it the story we believe?

Neo and Trinity are back!

The new images do not seem to maintain a common thread beyond the message that sounds over and over again: “It happens when they change something!”says a mysterious voice about what these characters will live in the simulation that machines use to keep the human race enslaved. So much so, that we see the awakening of Neo y Trinity right where they went “Harvested”. Afraid!

The first entry of Matrix It revolutionized the world of science fiction with a premise that could well come from Plato’s own philosophical construction. Humans are immersed in an alternate reality that is an imperfect simulation created by the machines that are basically using them as “Batteries”. The film had two sequels that completed a trilogy that made history.

Now, one of those responsible for those movies, Lana Wachowski, returns to this world with a new story where, it seems to be due to the latest advance, much of the plot will revolve around changes within the story of this fiction itself where a statement that we hear in the trailer emerges: “Maybe it’s not the story you think it is”. A mystery that the fandom will want to reveal soon.

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From the time it was announced until the first trailer for the film emerged, now including the second, there were countless theories about this new entry into the lives of Neo y Trinity. Some even ventured to slip that the character of Keanu Reeves could be the new villain in The Matrix, taking into account the end of the last tape when the machines took away his body. That does not appear to be the case. Although the word “changes” is the key to this story …

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