New Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo by Gears 5 Creators Is Impressive

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The Coalition has posted two videos showing his own tests with Unreal Engine 5. And the truth is that the results are quite impressive.

The Coalition is the Xbox-owned studio behind Gears 5, and while that game looks really good (especially on the Xbox Series X), what the team is capable of with Unreal Engine 5 seems, well, unreal. During GDC, we got a glimpse of The Coalition’s Alpha Point demo, developed with Unreal Engine 5. And as you’ll see below, This is a technical demo similar to the one we saw with Lumen in the Land of Nanite for PS5.

“First check out the #AlphaPoint demo”, it reads in un tweet de The Coalition published today. “An idea of ​​what is possible with # UE5, based on its next-generation features such as Nanite, which allows an unlimited triangular budget, and Lumen, which allows the lighting in real time without the need to perform any of the tasks traditional. “.

As you can see in the video above, the Alpha Point tech demo shows a lot of next-gen images, from ray tracing to realistic textures and more. It’s yet another example of how games are boosting their graphical benchmarks, with the line between real life and video games getting thinner.

The Coalition released a second test video along with the first that focuses more on character representation. Show an ultra-realistic face, belts and belt buckles (imagine what Kingdom Hearts 4 would look like in Unreal Engine 5), and more.

First We tested the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 at last year’s PS5 Tech Demo. Shortly after that, we learned that Xbox studio InXile would be using Unreal Engine 5 for its next-gen RPG. After, Sony spent $ 250 million to acquire a minority stake in Epic Games, which is the team behind Unreal Engine 5.

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Earlier this year, Epic Games released Unreal Engine 5 along with a new technological demonstration in Early Access And a day later, a developer used the tool to render 10 billion polygons of his napping dog.

The Coalition formally announced in May that the Gears of War saga would move to Unreal Engine 5 to “multiple new projects” and then two months later, The Coalition announced that they would soon be showing their Unreal Engine 5 demo. Now the wait begins for see what else the study does with the engine.

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