New usage guidelines for the social news platform Reddit

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Reddit announces changed terms of use for September 12th. In the future, there will be separate agreements for users from the European Economic Area, Great Britain, Switzerland and people outside these regions.

Above all, according to Reddit, the conditions are formulated more clearly and specifically, and there is no reference to programmatic advertising. A cancellation condition has also been added to the data protection guidelines in the event that one has acquired a premium membership, for example.

The agreement for users of a Reddit premium account or purchases of virtual goods via third parties, such as Google Play or Apple App Store, was a point with Conditions too Cancellations and Revocations added. It is pointed out that these purchases are still subject to the terms and conditions of the third party.

Another new feature is that by using the service, Redditor declares that they have not previously been permanently blocked or removed from the platform. It is also noticeable in the information on user access that the social news platform makes its guidelines, at least visually, clearer with bullet points.

Under the general terms of use there is now also a separate sub-item on privacy, which directly refers to the Privacy Policy refers. This notice was previously linked under Account Information and Security. In the data protection guidelines themselves, there is no reference to programmatic advertising, i.e. the automated buying and selling of advertising space, as Reddit no longer provides this option.

Overall, there are only a few differences between the usage guidelines for people within the European Economic Area, Great Britain and Switzerland and the version for people outside of it. Among other things, in the non-European version, under the condition “Paid services and payment information”, there is an additional note that all transactions are final and that there is no refund or credit for partially used billing periods. This regulation is not found in the European version.

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