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New World a week later: is it still a leader in players on Steam?

New World keep on sweeping Steam. The first great success of Amazon Games in the world of video games has landed on the Valve portal with more than 700,000 concurrent players on its first day and a maximum peak of more than 900,000 players. It is not the first time that we see phenomena of this type in the MMO genre, but very few have managed to stay among the top positions in the rankings in the medium or long term. In this case, New World continues to lead in players and global sales.

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Since September 28, the day it all began, Amazon Games has continued to expand the number of servers available and expand the capacity of many of them; among other changes and updates in the search for the general satisfaction of the community.

New World, will it last at the top of Steam for long?

This last weekend is a good reference to understand the enthusiasm that New World currently awakens. During the period of the nights of October 10 and 11 (nights from Saturday to Sunday and from Sunday to present Monday), the Amazon MMO has reached peaks of 679,565 players and 726,965 concurrent users, respectively, numbers for few common even for other great emergent phenomena like Valheim, the first big sensation of 2021.

At the beginning of the year, Valheim registered more than 498,400 concurrent players; then extraordinary numbers – and they are – but which seem few compared to New World. The work of Coffee Stain Studios remains with quite stable and positive figures; in fact, during these last 30 days it oscillates around 38,500 daily players, its best record since the average registered in May.

How far New World will go is impossible to determine right now because they include several factors. The first and most important, how Amazon knows how to manage this success and how to respond to the community through content updates. On the other, the competition. Square Enix wants everyone to attend their Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker rendezvous this November, while other major industry releases will provide reasons throughout October, November, and December to be distracted by other experiences.

New World is available on Steam and Amazon exclusively for PC.

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