New World community challenged developers to play their own game

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Dissatisfied with the endgame content of Amazon Game Studios’ new MMO, New World, several players challenged New World’s developers to play their own game. Developers who accept the challenge will need to earn a Myrkgard chest and clear a Portal in the live stream.

GameSpotAccording to the news published by players, the developers of New World have been told that after the recent changes to the game, the top Elite regions have become much more difficult than before. challenged. The players, who had a hard time playing the game, asked the developers of Amazon Games Studios to show them a way by playing the game in order to survive in these regions.

Amazon Game Studios accepted the challenge for a 55-minute show featuring 10 developers, including the game’s lead developer, Scot Lane. “New World – Myrkgard Dev Run” gameplay video published. However, these 10 developers gave up after 55 minutes of trying, admitting that the game was tough.

Adam Bankhurst writes at MRT.

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