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New World: massive surge of new servers in Europe; complete list

Amazon Games has added dozens of new European servers for New World, which is already the fashion game on PC. The company has managed to place a successful video game on Steam, capable of surpassing one million players at its premiere —more than 700,000 concurrent players on its debut—; but with the counterpart of not being able to supply the total number of users who want to enter the universe of the supernatural island of Aetérnum.

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Tens of thousands of players in endless queues whose only solution is to add more and more servers. And that’s what they’re working on, adding new worlds (each one has a capacity of 2000 players) and alleviating those stress peaks. As reported in their official Twitter account, which has become one of the main communication channels of the game, there has been a “massive server update” for the region of Europe. Added to that of yesterday Thursday, little by little the title is overcoming its traffic problems, although the situation is still far from ideal.

Regarding those who wonder if we will be able to play New World on consoles in the future, the development team is currently ruling it out. Only on PC. In fact, the support for playing with traditional controllers is not even enabled, only the Steam Controller.

New World it is available for purchase on Steam and Amazon; only for PC. With hundreds of thousands of players discovering its universe and hundreds of thousands pending its success on Twitch, it seems that New World is here to stay.

World name Serie
Argyre Vanaheim State
Harmony Vanaheim Theta
Montes Serrorum Vanaheim Theta
opar Vanaheim Mu
Bermeja Vanaheim Philippines
Ophir Vanaheim Philippines
Nexdorea (DE / EN) Vanaheim Dogs
Nysos (DE / EN) Vanaheim Dogs
Ramaja (DE / EN) Vanaheim Dogs
Avalon (DE / EN) Vanaheim Dogs
Delphnius Vanaheim Core
Lesath Vanaheim Core
Marsic Vanaheim Core
Arcturus Vanaheim Coral
Canis Vanaheim Coral
Eridanus Vanaheim air
Fomax Vanaheim air
Opar Vanaheim Lux
Perseus Vanaheim Lux
Swevenham Vanaheim Lux
Hydrus Vanaheim Astra
Lepus Vanaheim Astra
Menkar Vanaheim Astra
through Vanaheim Astra
Vega Vanaheim Astra
Pollux Vanaheim Astra
Serpent Vanaheim Astra
Subra Vanaheim Omnia
Ursa Vanaheim Omnia
Vineta Vanaheim Omnia
Yourang Vanaheim Omnia
Youdu Vanaheim Omnia
Yinjian Vanaheim Omnia
Vyrij Vanaheim Vox
Wood Perilous Vanaheim Vox
Xarayes Vanaheim Vox
Alioth Vanaheim Vox
Antares Vanaheim Vox
Aquila Vanaheim Vox
Canopis Vanaheim Summit
Cygnus Vanaheim Summit
Dry Tree Vanaheim Summit
Gravel Vanaheim Summit
Star Vanaheim Summit
Karaka Vanaheim Summit

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