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New York's Rise of the Red

New York’s Rise of the Red

Rita Ora was hard to miss on Monday in New York, donning a vibrant monochromatic ensemble to promote her upcoming movie, “Descendants: Rise of the Red.” The singer and actress, known for her bold fashion choices, showcased a stunning red outfit that portrayed her on-screen character role and her dynamic style.
A close-up of Rita Ora’s shoes.

Ora’s braved the NYC heat in a fuzzy coat paired with a matching mini skirt. The bold hue was complemented by her choice of footwear—striking red platform heels that added height and drama to her outfit. The shoes featured a glossy finish, cutout design in front, and an ultra-high stiletto heel, epitomizing Ora’s affinity for standout footwear.
Rita Ora seen walking in New York City.

Accessorizing her look, Ora opted for red-tinted sunglasses, matching earrings, and a bright red lipstick that completed the monochromatic theme.
Rita Ora seen walking in New York City.

The day before, The “For You” singer continued her red-themed fashion streak with another monochromatic outfit on her way to additional press events. She slipped into a pair of red thong sandals, paired with a matching red shirt and pants ensemble adorned with intricate embellishments. The sandals featured a thong construction with shiny bright red leather uppers, open square toes, and non-slip rubber soles, striking a balance between style and practicality.

Rita Ora’s upcoming movie, “Descendants: Rise of the Red,” is generating significant buzz ahead of its release, much like her standout looks. This thrilling continuation of the popular “Descendants” series delves into a new chapter filled with adventure and intrigue. Ora stars as the daughter of the Queen of Heart.

Source: Particle News