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Nick Cannon Insures Private Parts for a Lot, Fathered 12 Children

Nick Cannon has taken an extraordinary step to protect what he considers his most valuable asset. The actor and television host has insured his private parts for a staggering $10 million. This decision might raise eyebrows, especially considering he already has 12 children.

Cannon revealed his surprising move during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I had to insure my most valuable assets,” he said. “You hear about all these different celebrities insuring their legs… so I was like, ‘Hey, well, I got to insure my most valuable body part.'” Despite this hefty insurance policy, Cannon clarified that he has no particular plans for adding a 13th child to his brood. “[I’m] just making sure nothing goes wrong,” he added.

His announcement first came to light via an Instagram post where he exuberantly declared, “It’s official! I have the most valuable balls in the world! @drsquatch has insured them for $10M through their Ball-to-Ball Coverage.”

Cannon’s family dynamics are as unique as his insurance policy. With 12 children, he admitted that all of them haven’t been in the same room together. “As much as that may be a wish of mine, I’ve got to respect that’s not a wish of everyone’s,” he told People. “I think that we’ll get there. One of the things I’ve witnessed from some of my elders in the game, once the children get of age to make their own decisions, it’ll happen.”

Currently, his children’s mothers have custody, which means they dictate the terms. Cannon mentioned, “Because they’re currently under their mothers’ jurisdiction, I’m trying to play by the moms’ rules. But once they can make their own decisions, I would hope and pray that we’ll have established a strong enough relationship that they’ll want to come hang out with me.”

Cannon also touched on the challenge of discussing his large family with his kids, particularly his 9-year-old Rise Messiah. “I think right now is the time to start having, and this has been a family debate, about when to have the full and honest discussion with the six-year-old because he’s a genius,” Cannon said. “I think he’s kind of already figured it out. He knows he has other siblings. Even within his own house, he’s not an only child. He knows about his older siblings. He’s been around the younger ones. He’s been around them, just nobody talks about it. It’s not like, ‘This is your brother or your sister.'”

Source: Entertainment Tonight, People