Nick Jonas Falls Off Stage During His Performance

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Nick Jonas, 30, slipped on stage and fell backwards, during a show at TD Garden in Boston, MA on Tuesday. The singer was performing on the Jonas Brothers‘ Five Albums One Night tour, alongside his brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas, when the shocking moment happened, but he was luckily able to stand right back up and continue on. It was captured on video by a fan in the audience and shared on Twitter, leading to a number of responses from fellow fans.

“my poor baby,” one fan wrote, while another shared, “Noooo I hope he’s okay!” A third asked why there was an opening in the stage, which is what Nick appeared to fall into, and a fourth was impressed at how fast he recovered. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral.

Before Nick had the tumble on stage, his wife Priyanka Chopra made headlines when she was seen getting teary-eyed while supporting him during the kick off of the tour at Yankee Stadium in New York. She was filmed in the VIP section of the audience and wiped her eyes as she watched her husband rock it in front of the large crowd. The lovebirds are known for often supporting each other’s careers and are regularly seen on outings that include Nick’s concerts and Priyanka’s movie premieres.

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