Nicki Minaj explains the reasons for her weight gain

Nicki Minaj

Singer Nicki Minaj generated endless headlines after her performance this weekend at London’s Wireless festival, and not just because of the success of her musical number. The artist appeared on stage with a somewhat more voluptuous figure than usual, so the tweeters and the most sensationalist newspapers did not take long to speculate with the possibility that she was once again pregnant.

Shortly after, and precisely to get out of the way of these rumors, the rapper connected with her Instagram Live fans to explain the reason for her slight weight gain. “I’m not fat, what happens is that I’m pregnant,” she said emphatically during the conversation, provoking numerous congratulations from netizens.

A second later Nicki snatched the illusion of a stroke, clarifying that it was a mere joke. “Oh, wait, have I said it backwards? Oh, I’m sorry, I think I’ve said it wrong. What I meant is that I’m not pregnant, I’m fat… But thank you, guys, for all those congratulatory messages,” he joked while making it clear that he does not expect what would be his second offspring with Kenneth Petty.

The hip hop star debuted in motherhood in September 2020, with the birth of a child of which for now not many details have transcended by express desire of his parents. As far as the parent of the child is concerned, it should be remembered that last week Kenneth Petty was sentenced to one year of house arrest, as well as to pay a fine of $ 55,000, for not having registered as a sex offender after a sentence issued against him two years ago.

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