“Nicki Nicole Drops New Album, Featuring Pop Star Friends Aitana and Ester Expósito”

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Meet Nicki Nicole, the rising star in international urban music

Nicki Nicole, the Rosario-born Argentine artist, is currently visiting our country to present her new album, Alma. At just 22 years of age, she has been crowned as one of the promises of international urban music and one of the voices of the so-called GenZ.

Nicole Denise Cucco, her real name, made her debut in 2019 and has risen to success in just over four years, releasing three studio albums. She tells stories through her songs, with feminism as her flag and insists on the importance of the presence of women in genres like trap or rap.

A meteoric career to fame

Despite her success, Nicki Nicole’s rise to fame has not been easy for her to assimilate. She has had to take great care of her mental health because she has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. However, beyond her profile as an artist, Nicki Nicole declares herself a lover of Disney movies, an admirer of Rosalía and recently separated from her last partner, fellow rapper Thunder.

An Artist with a Message for Society

Nicki Nicole is aware of the impact she has achieved worldwide, and she wants to use her voice to send a message to society. She states that “the most beautiful thing that is happening in the world of music at the moment is the brotherhood that exists between women” and is delighted to have reached the top at a time like the present. Her achievements include a nomination to the Latin Grammy Awards, two studio albums, another recently released, and millions of fans around the world.

A Friend Among Spanish Artists

Nicki Nicole has close ties with Spain, including friends such as the actress Ester Expósito and the singer Aitana, whom she met during a party that ended with a viral photograph of the three of them inside a car. Nicki Nicole has expressed her admiration for Rosalía, about whom she assures that “no one listens to Rosalía because of fashion, her voice will transcend time. She is a legend for me.”

The Importance of Social Media for Nicki Nicole’s Success

Since the release of her first single, “Wapo Traketero,” Nicki Nicole’s works have become a viral phenomenon, reaching one million views in less than 24 hours. Her followers, subscribers, and artists from the current urban music scene who want to collaborate with her have continued to increase, including Rauw Alejandro, Bizarrap, Mon Laferte, and the Canarian Ptazeta.

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