Nicki Nicole received the Gold Record in Spain for Mala Vida

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The image of Nicki Nicole receiving the recognition Photo: Press

Nicki Nicole is living one of her great moments internationally. He dazzled everyone in the presentation of the program hosted by Jimmy Fallon, his songs are growing on the Latin American charts and his time in Spain is a success. The latest news, in terms of festivities, is that received the Gold Record for Notoriety.

But that was not all, he also celebrated the Platinum Record for the song “Put the”, edited last year, and Triple Platinum for “She is not yours”, the superhit he launched alongside Mike Towers y Rochi RD. Which shows that Rosario is consolidating steadily in her global career.

The artist repeated the feat of 2019, the year she launched into music with her single “Wapo Traketero” and it also became a Gold Record in Spain. The song quickly accumulated millions of views on all platforms and made it a benchmark for trap in Europe.

Now, he is finalizing the details of his second album for which he anticipated numerous collaborations both national and international artists, as she explained herself. The material was scheduled to come out in August, but the pandemic forced it to delay plans and eventually the new album could come out in October.

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Although little is known about the details of the material, the fact that he has anticipated that he will have important guests and that recently published a photo with Lali Esposito in a recording studio, he only sparks more anticipation in his fandom that is eager to know how he will surprise them at this new stage in his career.

Last year, together with her boyfriend and Bizarrap, they starred in one of the great hits of 2020 “Mamichula”

Nicki Nicole, engaged to Thunder

During his time in Europe, he participated in a meeting with the streamer Ibai that caused a furor, not only because he sang a cappella in the middle of the interview that was broadcast on Twitch, but also because revealed that she is engaged with Thunder. The 20-year-old said that her boyfriend and colleague proposed to her and that she accepted.

It was during a meeting with the Spanish influencer Ibai Llanos Photo: Instagram @nickinicole

“We were on a terrace overlooking the two bridges and I was a little scared so he couldn’t agree to ask me. He said, ‘Nicki, I need you please stop.’ He wanted to kneel but I never stood up, so he asked me to sit down “, he told about the proposal. He also revealed that it was three months after starting the relationship and assured: “First I cried and then I said yes.”

The singer clarified that for now there is no date to go through the altar, but that she would like to have a party to celebrate love.

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