“Nico Vázquez shocks fans with unexpected confession about his intimacy with Gime Accardi: ‘I’m turned off'”

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Nico Vázquez Reveals Intimacy Details with Gime Accardi

Nico Vázquez made an unexpected revelation about his intimacy with Gime Accardi during his time at Noche al Dente (America). According to him, the success of Tootsie had an unexpected effect on her.

Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez started their love story in 2007 when they began working at Casi Ángeles (Telefe), the telenovela for adolescents. Now, 16 years later, not only are they still together, but they are one of the couples most loved by the public thanks to their transparency, warmth towards their fans, and the naturalness that both have when talking about their lives.

After several years of touring with One week nothing else, at the beginning of 2023, Nico Vázquez debuted as the lead in Tootsie on March 16. Nico lost 5 kg and underwent long hours of both acting and musical training to prepare for this role. Currently, the play is one of the favorites on Corrientes Street and leads the list of the show with the highest grossing.

During his interview with Fer Dente, Nico Vázquez mentioned his intimacy with the actress and his libido drop due to eight performances per week. Nico admitted being sexual and very much into intimacy. Meanwhile, Gime Accardi is going forward with his passion.

The love between Nico Vázquez and Gime Accardi is balanced, and they complement each other. It is hard to identify their relationship in just one way, as very strong and beautiful things have happened to them, along with the not-so-beautiful ones that brought them closer. For Nico, love is Gime.

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