Nicola Porcella could leave “Guerreros 2021” after discussion with Tania Rincón | VIDEO

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Nicola Porcella could leave "Guerreros 2021" after discussion with Tania Rincón |  VIDEO

Nicola Porcella goes through a difficult time in “Warriors 2021”Due to the heated discussions he had with a colleague from his team and with Tania Rincón, host of the reality show of Televisa.

On the night of Tuesday July 20, Porcella went against the Argentine Agustín Fernández. Then, Rincón called his attention in front of everyone asking him for more justice in his terms, especially for the child public who see them.

Through their stories of Instagram, the reality boy said he was very upset about what happened. “The truth is that I am already a little tired of what happens in Guerreros. Yes, I was arguing with Agustín, but behind the scenes, as I always do ”, He detailed what happened with the Argentine.

Then, the Peruvian affirmed that they seek to damage his image, but that he is already tired of these situations. “It is tiresome that they always want to leave me badly, that they never tell me things quietly, that they always want to scream. I am a 33 year old person. I am a family man, I take competition very seriously, but I think you have to be smart to know when you have to step aside or when it is already affecting you from the outside “, he sentenced.

Likewise, Nicola Porcella affirmed that she is not one of the people who yells at someone in front of everyone and that she also does not like certain taunts that she would have received before from Tania Rincón.

“They make fun of me, I make a claim about the shirts (the shirt) and they told me that I cry for the lycra. So, is there equality, right? ”, He concluded and pointed out that the weekend he will return to Peru, leaving his stay in the Mexican reality show in suspense.

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