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Nicola Porcella denies romantic relationship with Catherine Civiero, her partner in “Guerreros México” – MAG.

Nicola Porcella He appeared on the program “En boca de todos” and referred to Catherine Civiero, his partner in “Guerreros México” and with whom he has been linked in a sentimental way.

In conversation with the América TV space, the 33-year-old reality boy explained how he feels about the Venezuelan model.

“She is gorgeous and precious. I think she is a super hardworking woman and I think she cares about her family ”, Porcella expressed.

Nicola also clarified that she is not yet a sentimental partner of Catherine Civiero: “She says ‘Baby’ … I still don’t say anything to her, I just call her Catherine. She is not my lover, we are not in love ”.

Have you seen me pinning? Friends with rights we are not either, we are dating and we are getting to know each other. The truth is that Catherine is a spectacular girl and we spend most of the day together for work ”, explained.

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