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Nicolas Cage Terrified by AI, Gets Body Scan for Spider-Man Noir

Nicolas Cage, in a recent interview with The New Yorker, expressed his fear of AI technology. He shared his concerns about body scans conducted for two upcoming projects, fearing they may be utilized by AI to recreate his likeness posthumously.

Cage is set to star in MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video’s live-action Spider-Man Noir series. This venture marks his most significant television role yet. He confessed that television never attracted him much, except for the extended time it offers to express a storyline.

“I saw Bryan Cranston in ‘Breaking Bad’ stare at a suitcase for half the episode, just him on the floor contemplating. It made me realize we don’t have time for such depth in movies,” Cage commented. “This feels like an opportunity to delve deeper. Though, whether this project allows that remains to be seen. It seems more like popcorn-entertainment episodic.”

He provided insights on the Spider-Man Noir project, describing it as “eight episodes” resembling a Pop-art mashup with some sparkle. Despite being labeled as episodic entertainment, Cage emphasized its fantasy element with monsters instead of real violence.

“I don’t like violence. I prefer not to portray characters who hurt others. This series is appealing because it’s fantasy, not real violence,” he added.

At the end of the interview, Cage had to rush for a body scan for both the show and a subsequent movie. He shared, “They have to digitize me—match my eye color and body traits. It’s unsettling, thinking they might use AI. I’m terrified of it. I worry about the future of art. Will the essence and truth of the artist be replaced?”

Cage also expressed hesitancy about participating in $100 million projects, although he wouldn’t dismiss the right opportunity. His recent roles in indie dramas like “Pig” and “Dream Scenario” resonate more with his current career aspirations, aligning with his interest in intimate, human dramas.

“I like films that explore characters’ lives and emotions. I’m into that close-up, psychological exploration. People want to learn from the characters’ experiences,” he said. “I prefer smaller stories. That’s why I lean towards independent films. But, I’m not completely shutting out adventure or popcorn movies.”

He further elaborated, “Films that inspired me to act were about real people dealing with life’s complexities—like Elia Kazan’s works or ‘Raging Bull.’ They focus on raw human experiences.”

Cage’s upcoming project is Osgood Perkins’ horror movie “Longlegs,” where he portrays a terrifying serial killer. To read the full interview, visit The New Yorker’s website.

Source: Variety