Nicolás Otamendi is a true seriéfilo: this is demonstrated by his tattoos

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The world of sports has several links with that of series and cinema. Just think about productions like Ted Lasso, from Apple TV+, O Space Jam, which was even starred by a figure of the NBA What LeBron James, to see. Many athletes spend their free time between series and movies they watch at home, and the case of the defender of the Benfica From Portugal, Nicolas Otamendi it is more than particular.

Along with Lionel Messi and “Papu” Gómez after winning the Copa América this year. (Getty)

The player who just won the America Cup with the Argentine National Team He is a huge fan of tattoos and has a completely marked back. The funny thing is that among the drawings that are seen on the body of Nicolas Otamendi there are several references to four of what seems to be his favorite series. In an interview with Independent that he gave in 2016, he assured that “They became a large part” of his personality.

“People always ask me about them. I became the first when I was 14 and each one has a meaning “, he counted Otamendi, who has his children and grandfather tattooed on his body. “Most of them are personal, but if I see a design that catches my attention, I do it”, said the footballer. Among his relatives appear tattoos of four large series: Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders and Vikings.

Where you can see the series that Otamendi has tattooed

While it is pure coincidence, for a time, the four series that Nicolas Otamendi honored in his body were simultaneously in Netflix. Today, the platform maintains the rights to almost all of them, so to see them you do not have to resort to other services of streaming. Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders and Vikings can be seen from start to finish in Netflix.

wentworth miller prison break

Prison Break made a comeback in 2017 but was not as successful. (IMDb)

In the case of Prison Break, who knew how to be in Netflix years ago, its access was difficult until a few days ago. It was impossible to see it legally since no catalog had the five seasons of this production that they starred in. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell. Since Tuesday, with the arrival of Star+, all deliveries of the show are available in their catalog.

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